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Lifestyle Tips to Recover From Viral Meningitis

This is my experience of recovery. I am not a doctor or nurse but someone who has gone through viral meningitis and has an education in health & fitness. Here is my story and my tips on recovery from my professional point of view. Please always seek the support of your Doctors & health care […]

Therapy Ball Roll Down

Use this pilates move to engage your abs, stretch your back & hamstrings & improve your posture.

Standing Desk Break – 1 min to better posture!

Want better posture? Ever wondered how to achieve better posture? Join me as I guide you through a standing desk break to improve your posture and lengthen your muscles. Use this practice daily for 1 minute 2-3 times throughout your schedule. Any questions about this please find me on twitter, instagram or facebook @positivelyslim To […]

St. Pancras Hotel Spa – Personal Training

Collaborate on your health and fitness with experienced, embodied and inspiring personal trainer and pilates instructor Charlene Hutsebaut. Enjoy motivating, fun and personally tailored workouts in the luxurious St. Pancras Spa or in Mother Nature’s gymnasium on the Regent’s Canal. Charlene’s training is a cutting edge fusion of pilates foundations, positive mindset and traditional strength […]

Healthy Chocolate Recipe

After having mostly given up refined sugar and high glycaemic foods (I realised sugar doesn’t serve me well!) in 2012 I am always on the lookout for sugar free baking ideas. I recently came across this excellent healthy homemade chocolate recipe.  It takes only ten minutes to prepare. I recommend (as this blogger does) that […]