“It’s lovely following you. You’re making me inspired to move more. Love that you are living it!”

“Charlene is very professional and has been actively involved in delivering a suite of online videos bespoke to our business, as well as delivering onsite training sessions. I found Charlene to be forward thinking and took the time to understand what we trying to achieve and what is right for our business. She also helped frame the narrative of our health and wellness approach, by weaving “our story” into the content for both the videos and face to face sessions. Working with her has been a pleasure.”

“A real woman who understands real people’s issues.”

“Charlene really got me started, with her unfailing optimism and encouragement and completely non-judgmental attitude, and of course her amazing teaching skills and expertise.  I still hear her lovely Canadian voice in my head when I think of ‘not bothering’, so her influence has been as lasting as it was instrumental.”

“Charlene is so well versed in so many different disciplines, using a deeply holistic approach to her work. I have never felt so healthy.  She is fabulous.”

“I would recommend Charlene to anyone who wants to enjoy their exercise, achieve realistic results and feel totally secure in being in the hands of a true professional.”

“Charlene has been my personal trainer for 7 Years and has worked with several of my friends.  Her innovative approach enables her to tailor her workshops to her clients’ specific needs.  My key outcomes continue to be significantly improved posture, increased flexibility, balance, and muscle strength, reflecting my original brief.”

“I began working with Charlene five years ago, and throughout our time together I have always enjoyed our sessions, and Charlene’s thoughtful, challenging and caring approach to personal training, which suits me very well. Charlene has always approached training on a holistic basis, looking not just at fitness but all aspects of my lifestyle, and her support and encouragement have made a significant difference to my health and wellbeing. I am really looking forward to the next five years and beyond!”

“Charlene has a warm and friendly personality which is totally infectious and makes you feel at ease. An ideal companion for anyone who wishes to embark on a fitness regime and needs someone who not only will get them results but will understand their wants, needs and pains. We have only known each other for the past year but in such a short space of time I would recommend her for any client who wishes to make a change to their life and get on the health path of exercise and fitness.”

“I started working with Charlene when I found out I was just over 12 weeks pregnant. For me it was extremely important I kept my fitness and general well being at an all time high whilst I was pregnant. Working closely with Charlene gave me the confidence to keep my mind, body & spirit balanced in order for me to undergo one of the most life changing experiences I was destined for. Charlene helped prepare my body by helping me work on my posture and strength as well as keeping me fit and healthy. I also practiced Reflexology and Yoga whilst pregnant and I believe by combining these elements I had the most relaxed and wonderful birth of my baby girl. Charlene offered me advise and I would always enjoy our sessions together, she is now a great friend too!”

“Meeting Charlene was pure serendipity. I was on a flight to some city in Canada I forget which. We were seated together, got chatting as you do. Discovered that Charlene is a personal trainer. I had been putting off the inevitable for years (I desperately needed to get back in shape). We arranged a meeting back in London and Charlene was superb from the outset. She very much took a holistic approach with me tackling both the physical training along with the healthy eating aspects. Suffice to say her methods achieved significant results in a short space of time. Charlene is incredibly professional and very easy to get along with. I can whole heartedly recommend her services to anyone needing to achieve a better health balance.”

“I’ve worked with Charlene and she is a totally wonderful personal trainer and Pilates teacher. I was one of her older clients but she was able to stretch me mentally as well as physically and together we obtained great results and I felt better than I had done in years! I also had fun! I would recommend anyone who wants to become fitter, healthier and more flexible to give her a call ASAP. She really knows her stuff!”