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My top 9 healthy food swaps

Some of my healthy food sways to try!

  • Crisps for apple crisps or something similar.


  • Low fat products for real original.
    • (low fat products have high sugar alternatives such as fructose added which are high calorie and inflammatory to the body)


  • Regular yogurt instead of low fat.


  • Whole milk instead of skim.
    • (when milk has the fat taken out, the good parts – Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)-  are being taken away)


  • Butter instead of margarine.


  • Processed food for real food.
    • Cook real food as much as possible for yourself so you know the ingredients.


  • Breakfast bars for homemade or healthy bars.
    • Nakd or Trek bars are healthy alternatives.



  • Cook with Coconut Oil instead of other oils as it has a better response to being heated and keeps its original elemental makeup whereas other oils when over-heated can become unstable and unhealthy for humans.



  • Make homemade chocolate instead of eating store bought as it will have better oils and ingredients.

Recipe here!