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Healthy Chocolate Recipe

After having mostly given up refined sugar and high glycaemic foods (I realised sugar doesn’t serve me well!) in 2012 I am always on the lookout for sugar free baking ideas.

I recently came across this excellent healthy homemade chocolate recipe.  It takes only ten minutes to prepare.

Chocolate photo

I recommend (as this blogger does) that you choose the best raw honey and/or manuka honey and organic cocoa. I have experimented with adding in chopped up fresh basil, mint and chilli flakes for different batches and they all taste yummy! If you want ultra chocolate then add some Naturya Cocoa nibs. Lovely!

You can use this chocolate in moulds, to make bars or to dip fruit into. My dipped strawberries were lovely!

The benefits of good quality chocolate are listed in the post below the recipe.

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Chocolate on heart



My top 9 healthy food swaps

Some of my healthy food sways to try!

  • Crisps for apple crisps or something similar.


  • Low fat products for real original.
    • (low fat products have high sugar alternatives such as fructose added which are high calorie and inflammatory to the body)


  • Regular yogurt instead of low fat.


  • Whole milk instead of skim.
    • (when milk has the fat taken out, the good parts – Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)-  are being taken away)


  • Butter instead of margarine.


  • Processed food for real food.
    • Cook real food as much as possible for yourself so you know the ingredients.


  • Breakfast bars for homemade or healthy bars.
    • Nakd or Trek bars are healthy alternatives.



  • Cook with Coconut Oil instead of other oils as it has a better response to being heated and keeps its original elemental makeup whereas other oils when over-heated can become unstable and unhealthy for humans.



  • Make homemade chocolate instead of eating store bought as it will have better oils and ingredients.

Recipe here!