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Life Fitness Announces – TOP 10 GLOBAL FINALISTS for 2015 – PERSONAL TRAINERS TO WATCH Competition

I couldn’t believe it when I heard the news!

I had made the Top Ten Global Finalists for Life Fitness’s Personal Trainers to Watch Competition 2015!

Wow! Wow! and Wow!!!

Thank you to all my online readers and social media friends. You all really inspire me to give you the best information and guidance for you to live healthy lives out there wherever you are.

I have congratulated some of the other ten finalists already, those I could find on twitter. I wish them all the best.


What I can say is going through the process of preparing has been excellent. It is like getting ready for a job interview, giving you time to reflect on past successes, jobs, projects and education.

I am looking forward to the live judging event in Barcelona Friday October 30th. We have several tasks on that day which I will keep a secret for now. I will share the equipment we are using which looks like so much fun!

The Synrgy Bluesky

Synrgy Bluesky 1


Keep your fingers & toes crossed for me on Oct 30th!

Follow my progress on twitter & instagram – @positivelyslim

Thanks everyone for your ongoing support!


Read more here about the contest.