Beach workout ideas!

Wherever you are in the world there is probably a beach somewhere nearby.

Whether it is a fresh water lake, ocean or sea there are many activities you can do to have fun & keep active while there…..



Here’s a little list to inspire you…

  • walk
  • jog
  • play frisbee (in or out of water)
  • jog in shallow water (parallel to shoreline)
  • knees up in shallow water (parallel to shoreline)
  • swimming
  • water-skiing
  • body boarding
  • surfing
  • hops, skips & jumps along the sand
  • pilates or yoga moves on your towel
  • play with the kids in the water
  • throw a baseball, rugby or football
  • kite surf
  • do press-ups, planks & v-sits on your towel
  • canoeing or kayaking
  • snorkling
  • diving
  • hacky sack on the beach (retro for sure & great exercise!)
  • squats in calm water (great support for those recovering from injury or just learning)
  • tread water (great energy burner)
  • walk or jog the sand dunes or steps up from the beach
  • walk the dog in the morning or evening (wear your bug spray!!!)
  • throw a ball around in water with partner, leap out of water to catch & enjoy the landing
  • play in the waves (I have great memories of doing this in Canada and New Zealand)
  • hike the surrounding rocks & explore shoreline pools (be careful here & watch footing)

That’s it for now.  I am sure you and your friends and children can come up with many more fun ideas.  Be sure to wear your sunscreen and protective clothing if needed.  I am sure something on our list has caught your fancy….Have fun!!!

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