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6 Sneaky steps to slim your tummy – Week 2 – Alcohol

I hope you enjoyed your first week of “6 Sneaky steps to slim your tummy”!

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  • Was it easy or difficult?


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Week 2!!!

pint of beer, slim your tummy

Alcohol is our focus this time around.

As many of you know I am a very realistic and nurturing personal trainer. I never tell anyone they need to completely give up alcohol unless they know they have an all or nothing type personality.

I do believe that less alcohol is better when trying to slim a tummy, or at least get rid of a bloating feeling.

Who out there feels lethargic and bloated after a night of drinking?

Trousers a bit tight? Belly pinching on the waist line?

I personally can’t stand that feeling!


Alcohol can affect our bellies for two reasons

Glass of water, stay hydrated


It is high in sugar, which we discussed last week in the post here and it is a diuretic which means it can cause your body to flush out too much water.

In a weird way this means that because your body is losing water it will hang on to whatever is left in the body and cause you to look and feel bloated.

The latter can also be caused by the stomach lining becoming inflammed or irritated by the alcohol. Because the stomach then doesn’t do it’s job properly there is a cascade of irritation all the way through the intestinal tract.


Staying hydrated

Drinking less alcohol and more water is also important because we are then keeping our cells hydrated and functioning optimally.

When our cells can do their jobs they flush out toxins better which means a healthier and slimmer feeling body.

The reality is you can help yourself feel better all around when you decrease alcohol intake.




Less alcohol each week can:

  • slim your tummy because of less bloating from the stomach and intestinal tract being irritated
  • allow for increased energy
  • keep you hydrated which allows for overall optimal body functioning

Practices for this week:

  • if you know you are an all or nothing person then take out alcohol completely for the next 5 weeks
  • for those who can have a little bit of alcohol and stay at those guidelines then choose a block of days each week to go alcohol free
    • ie: Sun-Thurs – no alcohol
  • do allow for any functions or parties you have coming up and adjust your alcohol intake days accordingly
    • ie: if you are taking Sun-Thurs off alcohol but have a party on a Thursday then have a bit but then take Friday off | In other words ebb and flow with any given week
  • swap water for alcohol
  • eat before you drink – most likely you won’t want that glass of wine once you have eaten
  • the less you have the better you and your lovely tummy will feel!

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Review from last week…

Alcohol is high glycemic so last week’s recommendations are still relevant.

If you want more information and guidance on sugar I highly recommend the following from a few colleagues of mine:

VIDEO: by Nutritional Therapist – Angelique Panagos – “Can I eat sugar and still be healthy” – find it on her homepage

Book: by Nutritional Therapist – Amelia Freer – “Eat.Nourish.Glow”


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