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My most recommended fitness equipment ever!

TRX Suspension Trainer – My most recommended piece of equipment!

You heard that right!  The TRX is my most loved kit ever!

I have been in the health & fitness industry now for 24 years and I can easily say I feel the TRX is the best designed and thought out small equipment made in that time.

It is versatile, engaging, easy to transport, great for all levels and ages and allows us to do moves we normally couldn’t do outside the gym.

I highly recommend investing in a TRX so you can expand your workouts.

Use the TRX anywhere – home, office, park

Workout using your own body weight – hitting all muscle groups

Fabulous for all levels of fitness

Excellent for core work (abs, back & posture)


Press on the TRX kit photo (above) to order yours through Amazon today.

Press here for an article where I give you some great TRX moves.