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Rest and the goodies it can provide

✔Rest is just as important as moving in your workout plans✔
?Are working out like crazy lately & not seeing results, strength gains, slimming or performance improvements?
✔You may be missing rest✔

I find for some clients it is tough at first to learn to slot rest in their plans because they feel more is better but if they aren’t seeing the results despite trying their best then rest should be implemented.

?This is where a change in mindset comes in. Starting to accept and understand that rest is hugely valuable.

?Rest can come in different forms.

✔It may be a lighter workout to what a person normally does.

A cyclist or runner may go for a short swim one day instead.

A body builder may do an easy bike or walk session.

A dancer may have a stretch session.

A rower may do pilates.

You get the picture!  This is called active rest.

✔Or rest can be full rest…have a seat…take a load off. You will come back stronger in your next workout as the body has time to repair & restore.
✔Rest can also be meditation or visualization techniques to aid in calming the body, this in turn allowing the physical body space to recover.
✔The nervous & hormonal systems also need time to rest in order to reset & do their jobs properly, in turn allowing the body to functional optimally.

?Your body will thank you for taking rest with great goodies?


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