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Menopause: A Time to Train Wisely – @fsnmagazine

An excerpt from my @fsnmagazine article…

“My friends, family and clients who are going through menopause or have finished say they don’t care about the science. “Just tell me how to get out of this hot mess that is me, a me I no longer recognize.”, said one friend when I told her about this article. A new client said, “I’m really struggling to concentrate and focus at work and the last thing I want to do is exercise because I have no energy. Can you help me?”

The realities of menopause can be frustrating and messy: hot flashes coming on at just the wrong time; night sweats; interrupted sleep; weight gain; anxiety; depression; reduced libido; difficulty concentrating and memory problems….”

Press here to read on about how exercise can help you feel better through menopause.