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Post-workout | Green Juice

– Experts now know it is important to take in post workout nutrition to enhance recovery and future performance.

Let’s keep it simple…..

This post-workout green juice is fabulous for replenishing energy stores and rebuilding tissues because of the carbohydrate (natural sugars) from the apple and the protein of the hemp powder.

The wheatgrass is an added bonus as it has been shown to increase hemoglobin levels which in turn allows for greater transport of oxygen around our bodies. This can enhance performance when being active.

The spinach is a nice addition to increase our daily intake of vegetables!  We can all use a little more veg in our lives!!!


Naturya – Organic Hemp Protein Powder

Increases Energy ,Vitality and Well Being

Our hemp protein powder contains 50% protein and is 100% natural with no additives or sweeteners , preservatives or agents

Certified Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten-free

Packaged in a resealable pouch for flawless freshness

Gluten and lactose free, has a perfect 3:1 ratio of Omega 6 and 3

Great post-workout to help with recovery


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Healthy protein powder

Over the weekend I met a lovely couple who asked me about protein powders. They obviously take their health seriously as they love to workout and eat good food. However, when I asked them what types of protein powder they were already using they mentioned chocolate, strawberry….they shopped around for best prices.

I am all for getting a deal but when it comes to certain products we eat I am a firm believer of choosing clean items free from additives, colourings and fake sugars. Many protein powders have all of these when they really don’t need to. If you look carefully you can find powders without any of these. They have no taste and actually this is a bonus because you can then add things to your smoothies or homemade sports drinks which have natural tastes such as berries, avocados, natural yogurt, bananas, almond milk, fresh juices (grape is great!) and cherry active. These real foods will enhance your recovery and therefore your performance.

Staying away from man made additives and fake sugars is very important for your overall health and fitness achievements whatever they may be.

Top Sports Nutritional Therapist Ian Craig, editor of Functional Sports Nutrition and Total Sports Performance magazines and creator of the Functional Sports Nutrition Academy course recommends the following source in the UK for proteins. Other companies sell powders of course just remember to choose the plain/unflavoured versions.


I also recommend hemp powder by Naturya for recovery drinks.

Hemp powder - Naturya