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6 Sneaky steps to slim your tummy – Week 4 – Exercise

How was week 3 of your “6 Sneaky steps to slim your tummy”?

  • Did you implement some of the practices on stress through the week?
  • Rate your stress levels on the scale of 1-10 again now.
    • Has your number dropped?
  • Did you tummy feel a bit better?


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Week 4:


Last week I briefly mentioned exercise when discussing decreasing stress levels.

Choosing the right forms of exercise not only helps you regulate your stress levels but will also help you slim your tummy.

Do any of the following statements resonate with you?

  • “No matter how hard I exercise I still have a belly.”
  • “Sit-ups aren’t making a difference.”

The reality is that we must combine quality and effective exercise with nurturing food in order to see a difference.


“More hard core exercise when you are also stressed is not going to get you what you want!”



Quality and effective exercise choices:

  • Weight training
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Jogging (best when weight and training also in the programme also)

These are just several choices. The key in my experience with clients is having a variety of activities in your chosen tool box!  We cannot spot train by doing only sit-ups.

We need a combo with a bit of cardio (walk, jog, swim, cycle, sports, classes etc), some quality core work such as yoga or pilates and resistance work to build muscle (weights, bodyweight training, ropes, med balls, ViPRs, Bosu etc).

Practices for this week:

  1. If you do a lot of cardio and no resistance training try swapping some of your cardio for weights etc (see list above).
  2. Find a yoga or pilates class or private instructor to try. Or even a video for at home.
  3. Try a plank each day.
    1. Be sure to hold your tummy gently tight, shoulder blades floating neutral on your back and head/neck in alignment with spine (do this by keeping your eyes straight down at your mat).
    2. If you are a beginner use level 1 and only go for 10 secs. Increase your time only when you can hold longer with your body staying in neutral. More is not better here!  Quality of holding is the key!

Level 1 – can also be done on forearms if wrists prefer!

Level 2 plank


Level 2 – can also be done on forearms if wrists prefer!

Plank Level 2


If these moves are too much for your back then try my Back Health & Core workout for a more gentle approach.


Press here for Week 5

Need some helping planning your exercise?

Check out my EBOOK – “Simple Healthy Living – A Guide for Busy People”

You will find lots of tools and tricks to guide you!


Remember each week keep the practices from the previous week going.

So, sugar will be taken out for all six weeks…..

Alcohol is being decreased.

Implement stress strategies.

Start using a variety of exercises for effective work.

Press any of the above points to review that week.


I would love to know how you are doing over our six weeks so…..

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Let’s have some fun!!!

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