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How to change our beliefs & language about aging so we feel healthy & fit at any age!

Are you over the age of 50? How do you feel about aging? Do you fight against it or do you roll with it? Do you take proactive steps to feel healthy & well each day?

I am passionate about shifting our beliefs about aging because really, how we feel in our daily lives depends on it! Why do I feel this way? Because I have seen people turn their lives around, turn their limiting beliefs on their heads and because the science shows us we can be health and fit at any age.

I want to positively shift and change how we talk and feel about aging. Let’s start with the language we use. To me much of it feels negative…Elderly. OAP (Old Age Pensioner). Anti-Aging. Anti…..anything. Middle age (I really dislike this one, it sits in my craw!) – What positive words or statements can we use instead? Share yours in the comments on my Instagram post here…

And then there are our limiting beliefs. “I am past it now.”, “I am too old for that.”, “I can’t make a difference.”, “I can’t lift weights, I might hurt myself.”

These can be changed to positive affirmations. “I am fit and healthy.”, “I can make a difference to my health.”, “I am strong and capable.”, “I can do and try anything.”

I have worked with people in this third age of life since the late 1990s. In my experience those who feel healthy and fit have a few common elements.

  1. They belief they can feel healthy and fit. (Positive mindset)
  2. They choose activities they enjoy. (Check out the research of Michelle Segar at the University of Michigan to see how important this is to motivation.)
  3. They stay active in their minds — choosing to keep running their businesses or do work for others, volunteer, take an active role in their families or choose interesting hobbies.

Here is the reality. Science shows us that our bodies do start changing as we age but this does not mean we have to go silently into the night because on the flip side science proves we can make positive impacts. We can make differences to how we feel each and every day by choosing to move more often, eat nurturing, building food, keep stress levels down, taking rest and recovery time, drinking enough water etc. It is never too late to start getting and feeling fit and healthy.  We can positively impact our bone health, muscle size and strength, balance, energy levels, sleep etc through exercise.

Here are some steps for you:

  1. Know that your body is changing but be willing to make minor course corrections as you go along. Be flexible & open to change.
  2. Have goals and a vision of how you want to feel each day.
  3. Believe you can! – I have found some of my most successful clients in their 70s are those who simply believe they can be fit, healthy people. This leads them to take action more often.
  4. Take action. If you want to just get started, walk. It is free, simple and accessible. If you are unsure what to do have a session with a professional who can guide you through your goals and vision to then give you a safe, effective programme to start. From there, once you are inspired you can start really creating an approach that fits with your lifestyle and desires.

I leave you with this story…One of my most successful clients was an 85 year old woman whose husband came to me to say she wanted to be able to lift herself out of the bathtub on her own. (a common goal I see more and more) I tailored a weight training programme for her which he lead her through 3 days/week for 3 months. At the end, they came to me and said, “Thank you so much. This week Grace got herself out of the bathtub on her own.”

Goal – Vision – Belief – Action —- Result!!!!

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